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Growing up with the Belgian comics and the manga in club Dorothée on French TV, I soon started drawing my own expressive characters and stories. After a classical education, I followed advertising design and then illustration, specializing in cartoon drawing at Luca School of Arts in Ghent.


As an Art Director in the advertising world, where I drew storyboards, among other things, the importance of illustration was often strongly emphasized. This has led me to specialize further in this area.

Communicating with illustrations brings many advantages. In this way you can explain complex matters in a simple manner, create more of a story around a certain brand, communicate a message that is often better remembered due to its unique character.


Like Mister Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I like to lead people into the enchanting universe of Monsieur Lapin. With my illustrations, which are often used in cartoons, communication campaigns, infographics, websites, books, greeting cards, live events, wall decoration, I ensure that your campaigns and projects have a unique character.


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